Chapter 6 – Time fields

Time-fields. Champs sonores. Tidsfelt.

Time-fieldsChamps temporelsTidsfeltConsecutive groupings (segmentation or units) in a musical discourse are what we call time-fields; thus time-fields are subdivisions of larger musical entities into smaller units or segments that are perceptible as such.
Object-fieldElémentGjenstandsfeltOne or a few sound-objects grouped into elementary units often functioning as motive
Phrase-fieldSegmentFrasefeltUsually a musical phrase or a partly completed portion of a larger musical sentence
Sentence-fieldPhraseSetningsfeltUnit consisting of a number of phrase-fields, often terminated by a full cadence
Form-fieldSectionsFormfelt/avsnittsfeltA constellation of several sentence-fields forms a larger section of a composition as a whole.
Field depthNiveau de champsFeltdybdeThe numbering of the hierarchy of time-fields

Time-field Conjunction. Conjugaison des champs temporels. Feltsammenføyning.

Time-field PositioningPosition relative des champs temporelsFelt posisjonProximity of Time-fields
Separate positioningSéparationAtskiltSee definitions in figure below
Bridged positioningPontageOverlednings posisjon
Joint positioningJuxtapositionSammenstillings posisjon
Close positioningEnchaînementTett posisjon
Hinged positioningPivotementSammenhektet posisjon
Overlapping positioningTuilageOverlappende posisjon
Superimposed positioningSuperpositionoverlagrende posisjon
Time-field DemarcationDélimitation des champs temporelsFeltavgrensningThe way in which the ending of the time-field is marked.
Vague demarcationDélimitation
VagSee definitions in figure below
Open demarcationDélimitation
Conclusive demarcationDélimitation conclusiveAvsluttende
Cut demarcationDélimitation coupureRett
Disjointed demarcationDélimitation disjointeBrutt
Deferred demarcationDélimitation