Analysis of Chopin’s Third Ballade in A Major, Op. 47 as performed by Rachmaninoff

The text commenting the acousmograph analyses found below has been published here: Lasse Thoresen (2019) Extreme Interpretation? Some observations on Rachmaninoff’s interpretation of Chopin’s Third Ballade in A-flat Major, op. 47 No. 3. Sensorial Aesthetics in Musical Practices.

Rachmaninoff’s complete recording of Chopin’s Third Ballade in A Major, Op. 47 (Philips 456 943-2), may be streamed or purchased through a number of channels, some of which are listed below:

Figure 9. Score bars 1–8.

Figure 11. First four H-bars of the transitional development episode (score bars 9–16).

Figure 12. Score bars 17–24.

Figure 13. Score bars 25–32.

Figure 14. Metric Liquidation, score bars 33–36.

Figure 15. Score bars 85–95.

Figure 16. Transcription, score bars 88–95.

Figure 17. The opening rubato section of the “scherzo” section. Score bars 116–23.

Figure 18. Prestissimo score bars 124–35.

Figure 19. Prestissimo score bars 128–29 transcribed.

Figure 20. Exact rhythmic transcription, score bars 1–8.