Chapter 9 – Typology of form-building elements

Typology of form-building elements. Typologie des éléments constitutives des formes. Typologi av formdannende elementer.

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Typology of Form-building Elements Typologie des éléments constitutifs des formes Typologi av formdannende elementer The typology of form-building elements is firstly of all based on characterizing their complexity.Next, the contrast between (integral) whole and divided elements and the contrast between line and texture will be observed.
Very simple element Élément très  simple Enkelt element Examples (lines): repetitive figures with one or a couple of pitches and even rhythmical values such as very simple accompaniment figures; (texture): single chords, monophony or basic homophony
Relatively simple element Élément relativement simple Relativt enkelt element Examples (lines): articulated yet simple figures such as scales/passages or refined accompaniment figures; (texture): heterophony, or homophony with slight polyphonic elements.
Moderately complex element Élément légèrement compléxe Relativt komplisert element Examples (lines): a classical, simple theme; (texture): a simple two- or three-part polyphony.
Relatively complex element Élément très compléxe Meget komplisert element Examples (lines): complex themes with great diversity of pitch and rhythm; (texture): complex polyphony.
Very complex element Élément hyper-compléxe Overkomplekst element Examples (lines): extremely asymmetric/irregular lines using a large number of values in an unpredictable manner; (texture): accumulations in electroacoustic and avant-garde music.
Paradoxically complex element Élément de complexité paradoxal Elementer med paradoksal kompleksitet Very complex and the very simple meet in a paradoxical, ambivalent union. Ex.: Elements with myriad details, but with a perceptually simple overall character.
 Distinctive/ Articulated element Élément distinctif /articulé Distinktivt/artikulert element Articulated elements consists of a number of pertinent details, Distinctive elements are i.e. thematic elements.

tabell melodic elements chapter 9

diagram chapter 9

Form-Building Transformations. Transformations constitutive des formes.  Formdannende transformasjoner.

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Simplification Simplification Forenkling

See illustrations in figure below

Complication Complication Komplisering
Partitioning Division Oppdeling
Integration Intégration Integrasjon
Fragmentation Fragmentation Fragementering
Synthesis Synthèse Syntese
Proliferation Prolifération Spredning
Collection Assemblement Samling
Fusion Fusion Fusjon
Fission Fission Fisjon
Anamorphosis Anamorphose Anamorfose
Catamorphosis Catamorphose Katamorfose
Liquidation Liquidation Likvidering
Crystallization Cristallisation Krystallisering

Table of form building transformation chpt 9

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