auralsonology.com is a companion website to the book Emergent Musical Forms: Aural Explorations. The Aural Sonology Project represents a novel approach to the analysis of sonic and structural aspects of music-as-heard, developed at the Norwegian Academy of Music.  It’s method of analysis and theory is not uniquely reserved for a particular compositional style or expression.  A central concern for the project is the development of aural consciousness through a systematic application of different ways of listening.  Audio-visual technology facilitates the making and the presentation of the aural sonology analyses. The approach is particularly useful for dealing with music for which no score is available (e.g. electroacoustic music) or (instrumental) music in which there is no simple one-to-one correspondence between score and the aural phenomenon. A complete presentation of the project is published in Emergent Musical Forms:  Aural Explorations by Lasse Thoresen with the assistance of Andreas Hedman (Studies in Music of the University of Western Ontario).


June 27 2016

Marcelo Nicolino, a Brazilian musician and researcher, has published his Master’s dissertation “The sound design spectromorphology: the listening score as a tool to analyze the cinematic sound design composition” in Music/Sonology at the University of São Paulo. The main subject is the use of Thoresen’s spectromorphology theory as a practical tool for film sound design analysis. As a case study, Nicolino analyzed five sequences from F.F. Coppola’s The Conversation (1974), sound designed by Walter Murch. Several videos of the analyses may be found here. Language: Portuguese.

May 30 2016

Lasse Thoresen has published a new article in the book Musiques Électroacoustiques Analyses ↔ Écoutes, which is available for purchase through Éditions Delatour’s website.
Lasse Thoresen (2016): Analyse perceptive des formes emergentes. Une approche gestaltiste de l’analyse musicale. With the assistance of Vahram Sargsyan and David Grant: Musiques Électroacoustiques Analyses ↔ Écoutes. Éditions Delatour, France. Have a look at the analytical movie of Lachenmann’s Scherzo from Das Mädchen mit den Schwefelhölzern: www.musimediane.com/delatour_marty

March 18 2016

Interview with Lasse Thoresen about the aural sonology project at the Norwegian Academy of Music’s website. Language: Norwegian.

March 18 2016

Recent PhD thesis by Njål Ølnes on free jazz improvisation makes extensive use of aural sonology analysis tools. Language: Norwegian (nynorsk). Available in PDF and EPUB formats. Download from BIBSYS Brage.

November 2015

The new book Emergent Musical Forms: Aural Explorations by Lasse Thoresen assisted by Andreas Hedman (Studies in Music of the University of Western Ontario) will be published in November 2015, and will soon be available for purchase. Sales in America are handled by The University of Western Ontario, c/o professor J.Grier, sales in Europe and Asia are handled by Norsk Musikforlag.

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