Chapter 7 – Layers

Layers.  Couches sonores.  Skikt.

English Français Norsk Definition
Layer Couche Skikt Layers are successive (and compound) simultaneous units
Layer-elements Éléments de couche Skiktelementer
Foreground Premier Plan Forgrunn
Middleground Plan mitoyen Mellomgrunn
Background Arrière-plan Bakgrunn
Intensity of Profile Intensité du profil profilintensitet

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Width of Layers

English Français Norsk Definition
Width  of Layers Ampleur  des couches Skiktbredde One melody line gives a narrow layer; a chordal setting of big ambitus gives a wide layer
Narrow Étroit Smalt
Thick Épais Tykt
Wide Large Bredt
Ample Ample Vidt

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Articulation  of Layers

English Français Norsk Definition
Articulation  of Layers Articulation des Couches Skiktartikulasjon The profile intensity of a layer element can be stable or changing, or come and go interrupted by breaks.
Continuous Continue Kontinuerlig
Alternating En alternance Varierende
Discontinuous Discontinue Brutt

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Layer Interrelation

English Français Norsk Definition
Layer Interrelation Coordination des couches Sjiktsamordning The contents of various layers may be synchronized or independent, or in interaction
Horizontal interrelation Coordination horizontal Horisontal skiktsamordning Synchrony
Vertical interrelation coordination vertical Vertikal skiktsamordning Independence
Diagonal interrelation Coordination diagonal Diagonal skiktsamordning Imitation or similar
Neutral interrelation Coordination indéfinie Nøytral skiktsamordning Unspecified

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Placement in Register.

English Français Norsk Definition
Placement in Register. Placement en registre Registerplassering The registers correspond roughly to the seven octaves of a piano
Extreme treble Très aigu meget høy diskant
High treble Aigu høy diskant
Treble Mezzo aigu diskant
High medium Medium aigu/Diapason høyt midtleie
Low medium Mezzo grave lavt
Deep Grave dypt
Profound Très grave meget dypt


Extreme treble 7
High treble 6
Treble 5
High medium 4
Low medium 3
Deep 2
Profound 1

Placement of Reference

English Français Norsk Definition
Placement of reference Placement de referance Referanseplassering Layer placement of elements based on regular pulses, drones and tonal harmonies, ostinatos, riffs etc.


Entry and Exit Mode

English Français Norsk Definition
Entry and Exit mode Modes d’entrée et sortie Inntoning/uttoning The manner in which a layer enters or exits
Neutral Neutre Nøytral See below
a) Fading Disparaissant Gradvis uttonet
b) Emerging/merging Émergeant/ Immergeant Fremvoksende/sammensmeltende
Cut Coupé Avklippet
Disjoint Interrompu Avbrutt

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Modes of Continuation

layers 7

layers 8

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