Chapter 6 – Time fields

Time-fields. Champs sonores. Tidsfelt.

English Français Norsk Definition
Time-fields. Champs temporels Tidsfelt Consecutive groupings (segmentation or units) in a musical discourse are what we call time-fields; thus time-fields are subdivisions of   larger musical entities into smaller units or segments that are perceptible as such.
Object-field Elément Gjenstandsfelt One or a few sound-objects grouped into elementary units often functioning as motive
Phrase-field Segment Frasefelt Usually a musical phrase or a partly completed portion of a larger musical sentence
Sentence-field Phrase Setningsfelt Unit consisting of a number of phrase-fields, often terminated by a full cadence
Form-field Sections Formfelt/avsnittsfelt A constellation of several sentence-fields forms a larger section of a composition as a whole.
Field depth Niveau de champs Feltdybde The numbering of the hierarchy of time-fields

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Time-field Conjunction. Conjugaison des champs temporels.  Feltsammenføyning.

English Français Norsk Definition
Time-field Positioning Position relative des champs temporels Felt posisjon Proximity of  Time-fields
Separate positioning Séparation Atskilt

Se definitions in figure below

Bridged positioning Pontage Overlednings posisjon
Joint positioning Juxtaposition Sammenstillings posisjon
Close positioning Enchaînement Tett posisjon
Hinged positioning Pivotement Sammenhektet posisjon
Overlapping positioning Tuilage Overlappende posisjon
Superimposed positioning Superposition overlagrende posisjon

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English Français Norsk Definition
Time-field Demarcation Délimitation des champs temporels Feltavgrensning The way in which the ending of the time-field is marked.
Vague demarcation Délimitation

See definitions in figure below

Open demarcation Délimitation
Conclusive demarcation Délimitation conclusive Avsluttende
Cut demarcation Délimitation coupure Rett
Disjointed demarcation Délimitation disjointe Brutt
Deferred demarcation Délimitation

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